FBI Academy Building 9 Renovation 

FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia

- Project Cost: $21,000,000 

- Size:  125,000 SF

- Notable Features: LEED Self-Certified, modernization, upgrade and replacement of existing facility and systems, detailed relocation strategy for displaced program elements, Design-Build Project

- Project Summary: Alphatec provided total A/E services for the upgrades required to bring the building into compliance with current building and life safety codes and regulations, including modifications to, and additions of, exit stairs and exit access corridors, any upgrades required to fire separation assemblies and ADA requirements to support the new construction and renovated spaces,  and major second floor renovations including; reconfiguration of kitchen, servery, and dining facilities, restrooms and associated storage and support spaces with replacement of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems to provide industry leading, high-efficiency systems right-sized for the new and renovated spaces.