In-House Project Developement for Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Services

USGBC LEED Submissions

Advanced Building Energy Modeling and Calculations

ATFP Design

Blast Hardening

Anti-Ballistic and Anti-Ricochet Design

Bomb-Proofing and Ballistic Berms

Compliance with SHPO, CFA, and NCPC

Specialized MEP Infastructure

R&D Laboratory Systems

SCIF Provisions

EPAct Compliance

ISO Certified - QA/QC Documentation

Employee Tracking Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Isolated Data Network Systems and SIPRNET

JAFAN 6/9 Compliance

Aircraft Power Systems

Air Traffic Signal Systems

Red/Black Communications

Single/Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Systems

Ecotect Analysis

Full CAD/BIM Capabilities


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To be successful we must thoroughly understand our client's needs. Our standard has always been to identify the optimal path to achieve an Owner's goal in a lucid and cost effective way by using leading design software to simulate built-building performance and life-cycle impacts during the entire design phase.  We also understand that for any business to provide 47 years of consecutive service the employees we hire, the community we reach, and the reputation we develop has a significant impact on our success.  Every building needs to be efficient and designed around safety, security, and code compliance.  By providing these three seemingly simple attributes to every design stamped with the Alphatec brand we ensure that we provide a betterment to society and the context surrounding our building.  Design begins with ideas, ideas flow to sketches, sketches precede analysis, and analysis dictates feasibility…but all that starts with an individual and their ability to think freely.  People are the life-blood to any business and we make sure ours look forward to designing the future.