National Institutes of Health (NIH) Projects

Bethesda, Maryland

NIH Laboratory Renovation Projects:

- Project Cost: Varies $400,000 to $8,000,000

- Size: Range between 500 SF to 30,000 SF

- Notable Features: Sustainable design; EPAct compliance; Master Planning of Campus Infrastructure and Central Utility Plant; Meticulous phasing plans developed to minimize disruption. 

- Project Summary: Alphatec provided total A/E services for multi-disciplinal projects at the NIH since 1979 which involved the Biomedical Laboratory, Animal Facility, and Administrative Support Facilities Design, including peer reviews, preparation of technical reports, studies and investigations resulting in the renovation, modification and upgrade of architectural mechanical, electrical, plumbing and laboratory gases, and site utilities for state-of-the-art hospital, R & D laboratories and administration building for over 250,000 square feet in the last five years at NIH. Projects also include design and construction of a new Central Utility Plant (CUP), relocation of underground utilities, new utilities, gray water, new roadways and sidewalks, access roads, curbs, and paved areas. Civil/Site Utility Design Services awarded to and designed by Alphatec pc at NIH in the last ten (10) years total over $50 million (current valuation).