Individual ideas become team concepts.



Utilizing ASPE, IPC and other industry standards, our plumbing engineers are well versed in designing practical systems that conserve water and protect our environment and resources. By lessening the burden on waste-water systems and decreasing demand from municipal water supplier, our plumbing engineers are designing for future generations by increasing water efficiency. 

Alpahtec’s timely performance within a compressed design schedule and adherence to the budget reflect your effective project management. I found your firm to be thoroughly professional and extremely responsive to DCSEC’s needs and requests, treating our projects as a priority from beginning to end.”
— Clark Ray, Director of Youth Facility Development, DC Sports and Entertainment Commission

Water efficient strategies

  • Low-flow fixtures
  • Reduced Flow Aerators 
  • Flow restrictors
  • Automatic Faucet Sensors
  • High Efficiency Water Closets
  • High Efficiency Urinals
  • Use of Non-potable Water
  • Low-consumption Flush Fixtures