Committed to increasing energy efficiency and reducing negative impacts on our environment for future generations


Our Professionals

Our design team includes LEED AP BD+C, GPCP and GGP professionals having a thorough understanding of Green/sustainable design, as well as Certified Energy Manager (CEM) personnel specializing in energy conservation methods applied throughout all building systems and infrastructure. 

Our sustainability goals

Environmentally responsible materials are increasingly important as we recognize scarce natural resources and the environmental damage that often results from acquisition, manufacturing, and disposal of materials. Saving energy in new and renovated building systems while protecting the environment, we incorporates salient design features in compliance with the Client's preferred sustainable rating systems. 


We have numerous registered federal projects with USGBC, and have designed several self-certifiable projects for the federal government for projects of sensitive nature. 

LEED gold:

  • USACE Boundary Gate at Nallin Pond
  • Navy Biomedical Research Defense Laboratory

LEED Silver:

  • USACE Emergency Services Center
  • NIH Buildings 16 & 16A Stone House Renovation
  • NAVFAC MSG Battalion Headquarters and BEQ
  • P-166 Energetics Systems and Technology Laboratory

Leed certified:

  • NAVFAC P-558 Aircraft Prototype Facility, Phase I


  • NAVFAC P-561 Aircraft Prototype Facility, Phase II - LEED Silver
  • Repair of Barracks 247 - LEED Silver Self-Certified
  • Building 9 Renovation FBI Academy - LEED Silver Self-Certified


  • USACE Training Barracks Upgrade Program (TBUP) 8545
  • NAVFAC SNCO Academic Facility
  • Renovation of B.E.Q. Buildings 1752 & 902
  • Renovation of Buildings 8748 & 8749 Training Barracks Upgrade Program
  • P-295 Electromagnetic Research and Engineering Facility
  • DOJ FBI Academy Firearms Training Facility
  • NAVFAC P-147 Laboratory


Designing energy-saving buildings that combine innovation with pragmatic cost-effectiveness