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Relay protection system. Bay control uni

Emergency Power System Upgrade for Public Safety Communication Center (PSCC) of the Office of Unified Communications (OUC)

Project Cost:
28,000 SF
three-story R&D Lab Complex
Department of General Services DC
Washington, DC
Project Cost:
39,000 SF
Public Safety Communication Center


Our integrated architecture/engineering team resolved complex challenges on this renovation project, including extensive emphasis on uninterruptable electrical service, user sensitivity and security, and budgetary parameters. Alphatec was required to provide electrical service for 24/7 operations during construction and facility operation, as the facility operations cannot be interrupted.

Our Engineers also proposed and designed for abandoning the gas-served emergency generators and replacing them with emergency diesel generators because of two reasons; (1) city-fed gas line is susceptible to rupture during attack or natural disaster, and (2) the city-fed gas line was shared with Children’s Hospital, which would take priority of service in an extreme emergency. OUC PSCC will now have uninterruptable service to satisfy mission critical operations.

Fixing Electricity Lines


LEED Silver with USGBC  |  EPAct Compliance | Geothermal Heating/Cooling | Fully integrated BIM in REVIT | R&D Laboratory Systems | SIPRNET | DoD ATFP Compliance | SCIF Provisions | Design-Build Project

Electricity Plugs


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