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University of the District of Columbia     Relocation of the Van Ness Campus Data Center

University of the District of Columbia
Washington, DC
Project Cost:
1,500 SF
UDC Data Center


As part of its comprehensive plan to renovate, modernize, or otherwise improve the campus wide information technology system, the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) hired Alphatec to relocate the existing Data Center. The design team creatively located and developed an existing underutilized storage space to house the new relocated Data Center within Building 56 Level C. The new Data Center location will allow for a robust, modular and flexible design, and will be a productive environment that hosts UDC's most critical applications and intellectual property.  


All new MEP system components provide durability, the least degree of maintenance, and longevity while complimenting the building’s existing building approach. The integrated design team also ensured that new mechanical systems are energy efficient at peak load conditions and arranged to also allow for such efficiency during part load conditions and without undue equipment short-cycling that may be detrimental to their expected longevity.



DC Green Building Code Compliant  |  Sustainable Design  |  Isolated Critical Conditions Archive Room Design  |  Bi-polar Ionization Generator for Indoor Air Quality | Acoustic Analysis to Optimize Classroom Conditions | A/V Design | HAZMAT Remediation | ADA/ABA Accessible | Project Phasing to Protect and Preserve Occupied Spaces During Renovation


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